Vehicle tracking service

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) assists JFA's customers in monitoring their vehicles starting from delivery into the JFA Terminal Receiving yards, in-process until shipment. The customers can trace all the activities of the vehicles within the yard, the VTS captures the real-time date and time of the work order activities and update the customer over the website at their portable computers and gadgets.

Steps on how to use the VTS

  • Input the VIN/Chassis No. of the vehicle in the VTS (VIN/Chassis Nos. should be inputted completely to show the correct tracking information). Click Show to view the VTS Information.

Figure-1 JFA Website Home Page (Search Vehicle Tracking System)

Vehicle Tracking Service
  • The VTS pop up window will appear on the screen (Shows the details and status log of the vehicle).

Figure-2 JFA Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) Pop Up Window

Vehicle Tracking Service

JFA keeps confidentiality of information, if the information need not to be published on website please contact us.

Enjoy tracking your valuable vehicles!